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Episode #1: Introduction To The AK-47
Episode #5: Reassembling The AK
Preview This Course
Episode #4: Clean And Lubricate The AK-47
Episode #10: Loading And Unloading Your AK-47
10 Episodes
2.5 Hours
EPISODE #1: History Of The AK-47
EPISODE #2: Parts Of The AK-47
EPISODE #3: AK-47 Field Strip
EPISODE #4: AK Cleaning And Lubrication
EPISODE #5: AK Reassembly
EPISODE #6: AK Ammunition
EPISODE #7: Drum Magazine For The AK
EPISODE #8: AK Ammo And Magazines
EPISODE #9: AK Sights
EPISODE #10: Loading And Reloading Your AK

From: EJ Owens, Legally Concealed

Nationally Recognized Professional Firearms Instructor, former U.S. Army Infantry Officer, former U.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combative Instructor, and former Contractor for the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force
Dear Friend,

I want you to read the next line carefully because your life depends on it.

"The only person you can rely on to protect yourself is you." - Sgt. Mark Buschena 

Really think about these words as you read the rest of this letter because they might just save your life one day. 

As Americans, we love our AR’s. The feeling of letting rounds loose, being able to customize them, and shoot targets from a distance is always an allure. We love having the biggest and loudest guns and showing them off at the range, while we argue about the best ammo, grip, and sights.

When it comes to an actual combat rifle to bet your life on, the AK-47 is my number one choice.

Many gun enthusiast disagree, but here’s something important to consider,
When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, do you want a gun that looks good or a gun that works? 
If you own an AR, you know how much time and effort you need to spend maintaining and keeping it operational. Even with proper care, there’s a slight chance it may not fire when needed. 

When there’s danger in your home, a gun that works sometimes, is never a good bet. 

When you find yourself face-to-face with a life or death situation, you want a weapon that will work the moment you need it. 

When it comes to protecting your loved ones, you’ll always need it to work. And the AK-47 is a weapon that will always work in the moment.

Here’s a few reason why the AK-47 is my number one choice:
 It's lightweight for easy handling
 It's reliable and will not jam on you
 It hold more rounds, which means you get more shots and opportunities to protect your family from anyone trying to cause you harm
Some people don’t like AKs because they don’t really understand them. 
3 Myths About The AK
1) AKs Are Inaccurate
Are AKs as accurate as sniper rifles? Of course not--few guns are. But they're just as accurate as the M-16. Both are Minute Of Angle (MOA) rifles. This helps with sight, target ranging and increasing accuracy.
2) Only Milled AKs Are Worth Owning
Stamped guns are lighter and just as reliable. There's no science or evidence claiming otherwise. Milled or stamped, it doesn't matter.
3) The AK "Barrel Flex" Is A Major Problem 
This one has recently been cropping up on the internet by people who haven’t used the AK in real field situations. By the time you see the flex, the bullet has already hit the target. It doesn't affect your accuracy at the slightest.
Many people don’t like AKs because they were once foreign weapons. But the good news is, there are plenty of AKs being produced by U.S. manufactures. 

Many people also can't accept that AKs outperform other rifles. We hear things from friends and we tend to trust their word. When it comes to guns, trusting in a professional is the only guarantee to your safety. If you're open-minded to new ideas and want a rifle that's truly reliable, this is the perfect guide for you. 

Whether you're switching over from a different platform or if you've never handled a rifle in your life, there's certain things about the AK you need to understand before actually using one. 

Knowing your weapon is what keeps you ahead of the curve and will keep you in control of any threatening situation. This crash course provides all the basics you’ll need to always maintain and handle your AK like a pro.

Here's a cold, hard fact...
“When you’re faced with danger, you will default to the highest level of proficiency that you've mastered.” 
Squeezing the trigger is the easy part. The hard part is being safe, smart, and aware. All three of those comes with knowledge and experience. 

The AK isn't the most complicated weapon, but there are a few things that you should know to save time and effort. 

Most likely you’re purchasing your AK for your own home. If you own an AR already, although it has similarities, they are both completely different weapons. 

Always remember...
An AK is a weapon made to destroy. You need to understand how it works and how to operate it or risk destroying the wrong target.
If you don't know your weapon, then you're setting yourself up for failure.
But there's something you can do...
After seeing a huge rise of AK owners I soon realized that few had thought of getting trained on how to maintain and use the weapon. This scared me.

I also realized the reason why people bought their AKs was to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

As a family man myself, I understand those feelings. But having the best equipment is not a replacement for real training.

I decided to combine my military expertise with my knowledge on AR's in hopes of educating my fellow Patriots who just want to do what is right for themselves and their families. 

So if you were a little intimidated by the AK, don't worry...
In Less Than 3 Hours You'll Master The Basics Of Operating And Maintaining The AK-47—Your Most Critical Rifle
My AK-47 Crash Course offers: 
 Simple instructions
 No “military-speak” that might confuse the average person
 Must-know AK-47 knowledge for disassembly and reassembly
 Must-know cleaning methods for AK-47 parts
 Must-know ammunition and magazine tips for the perfect AK-47
 Tips to add a drum magazine for extra rounds
 Isn’t dumbed down like many other defensive training programs
This is must-know AK-training that you can master in one night...
Most importantly you can complete this entire training in just under 3 hours. However, I recommend you take the time to review and really let the information sink in.
A Sheepdog Not Only Knows How To Use His Weapon, But Also Knows How His Weapon Functions And Operates
Now, I'm not saying that once you're done with the course you're a qualified AK-47 technician—that takes years to accomplish. This crash course provides you with something that will give you peace of mind in any scenario—the confidence that your gun will do what you need, if and when the time comes.

A gun is only as useful as its wielder. Learn how to load, shoot, and reload even when head to head with an opposing threat.
Here's What You'll Learn In This Training:
History Of The AK-47
 How the Federal Assault Weapons Ban actually helped the growth of AK rifles in America
 Why the AK platform has never been popular in the U.S. until recently
 How the AK-47 was used against us and why many today still see it as the "enemy's gun"
 What the AK-47 was initially designed for
 Why the AK platform outperforms the AR platform in today's warfare and general usage
 Why you should pick the AK-47 if you want a gun that works in almost any condition
 How the AK-47 and similar platforms can be a smart and affordable choice for you
 Three reasons why you shouldn't care if an AK-47 can be accurate at 500 yards or more
Parts Of The AK-47
 Why you need to keep your hands off the barrel of a gun at all times
 Stamped V.S. Milled AKs
 How the magazine release works on an AK
 How to run the "safety" on an AK
 The one big difference between an AR and an AK receiver
 What an AK pistol looks like and how they work
 What a "tang" is on an AK rand how to identify it
 How to use the rear sights of an AK and why 90% of them are the same
 The three types of "muzzle devices" that come with different AR platforms
 All the parts and technical aspects of the AK-47 so you can have expert conversations in class or at the gun shop
 How to properly remove parts off an AK so you can easily clean and identify problems
 The two purposes that the “hand-guard” or “rail” serves so that you can fire safely and accurately
 A variety of "tricked-out" AKs so you know what types of customizations are possible
 Different AKs from different countries so you'll have a general knowledge of the types of AKs out there
 The different "buttstocks" you'll find on various AKs and some simple tricks you might not know about
 One button you should never push on an AK unless you're looking to take it apart
 One simple trick to know if your "safety" has been correctly switched on or off that works on all AKs
 A big reason why the safety "click" on the AK isn't going to matter in a real battle scenario
 Why you should always check the "magwell" of an AK before you purchase one
 Why you're going to see "slant brake" muzzle in most of the AKs you find on the market today
 What an AK looks like inside and how it works so you can avoid common “rookie mistakes”
AK-47 Field Strip
 Why you'll know how to field strip any AK 99% of the time if you've learned how to take one apart before
 Key difference between an AK field strip and an AR field strip
 Where to find the special "button" that almost all AKs have to begin the field strip
 How to properly keep your gun clean and operational so you can avoid nasty problems that come from weapon mistreatment
 How to correctly “Clear and Make-Safe” your AK for “Field-Strip”
 What the "recoil assembly" is and how to quickly and easily take it apart
 How to visually and physically inspect your weapon to ensure it's safe for cleaning
 Why you can go over 6000 rounds without having to clean an AK and still have it function perfectly
 A simple tool you probably have at home that will make the field strip faster and easier
 Why the AK "barrel flex" does not affect your accuracy in the slightest
 Why the less you do to the AK the better it is
 A huge downside to chrome-lined barrels and what you should get instead
 Why common motor oil works well as a lubricant for the AK platform
 One major thing to avoid when cleaning your AK parts
 What you should include in your “Field Cleaning Kit”
 How to “strip” and disassemble your AK with professional care and little effort
AK Cleaning And Lubrication
 Something major to look out for when cleaning an AK
 How to brush and wipe off debris and fouling from your AK parts quick and easy
 Simple tools you'll need to clean an AK
 Why you should probably stay away for steel cleaning rods and brushes for your AK barrels
 Why the "bore snake" is still the easiest and most effective tool for cleaning out the barrel
 One very simple must-know cleaning "technique" for AKs
 How to clean the "bolt carrier group" of your AK with minimal fuss
 Why you'll never need to scrub or use any special cleaning agent on the “bolt carrier group” for an AK
 Simple everyday lubricant sprays that work great with AKs
 What a "free floating" firing pin is and how it works
 Why you should avoid over lubricating your AK
 The few places and "wear points" you'll need to apply a little lubrication for your AK
AK Reassembly
 Best way to hold an AK when reinstalling the “bolt carrier group”
 How to perform a simple function check on your AK
 What to look out for when reinstalling the dust cover for an AK
 Why you can't really mess things up when it comes to assembling an AK
 The most common place people mess up when reassembling an AK
 Quick and easy step-by-step instruction on how to reassemble your AK timely and efficiently
 Why the AK design works to allow disassemble and reassemble with minimal training
 Why there's no room to overthink or confuse things when reassembling an AK
AK Ammunition
 What there is to know about the 7.62 x 39mm round
 The right caliber for AK-47s, AKMs and AMD-65
 U.S. manufactured ammunition brands for the AK that you can easily find and pick up today
 Why you won't have to worry about corrosive ammo from your imported ammo
 The one batch of corrosive ammo you do have to worry about and how to identify it
 How to identify different types of ammo from foreign countries so you know what to expect
 Recommended ammo for hunting
 Why you should try some of the old and very reliable international brands
 One crucial thing you should look out for if you decide to hunt with an AK
 What an old-fashioned "battle pack" is and what to expect
Drum Magazine For The AK
 Two best drum magazines out on the market today
 The biggest problem you will find with drum magazines
 How to load a drum magazine quickly and easily
 One thing to look out for when loading a drum mag to avoid injury
 The type of drum magazine to avoid at all costs
 How to "wind" and setup your drum magazine for use
 How to properly store a loaded drum magazine for future use
 How to test and set the pressure in your drum magazine so it feeds correctly when you need it
 How to live out the drum magazine fantasy with an AK so you know what you're doing
 Advantages and disadvantages of using a drum magazine so you know the risks and rewards
 The parts and mechanics of a drum magazine so you know exactly what you're doing and how to fix something that doesn't work
AK Ammo And Magazines
 Why you always want to have an "ammo can" of your own
 How to load your AK magazines quickly and easily
 Why it's OK to fully load your 30 round magazine
 Why the 40 round mag is not recommended
 Steel mags vs. pmags
 Learn about "Magpul" designed magazines for the AK
 Types of magazines available for your AK so you know what to expect and what to choose for your own needs
 Problems with most AK magazines you find in a gun shop and what you should do
 How to maintain and identify your magazines when you take them to shooting class
 Why putting your ammo into one big ammo can will not damage or hurt your accuracy
 One quick and effective method to keep your magazines organized for faster selection
AK Sights
 Why the sights on an AK are so different from other rifles
 What makes the AK sights so effective in real combat
 How to adjust and sight your AK
 The most effective and recommended range for an AK
 How to raise and lower the front sight post on your AK
 Why you probably won’t need to adjust for windage on an AK
 How to change your mindset on how sights work when using an AK
 What the numbers and letters mean on your AK rear sights and how to make sense of them
 The simple adjustment to make to your stance so you can correctly assess the situation after your target is down
Loading And Reloading Your AK
 One crucial mistake to avoid when pulling the charging handle
 Why you should never ride the charging handle forward
 How to properly hold your AK when loading and chambering rounds
 One fast and easy "lock-in, rock-down, rock-up" technique that's easy to remember for loading and reloading an AK
 The proper technique for loading and unloading your AK quickly and effectively
 Why you shouldn't be afraid to use force to slam the spent magazine out of the way for a reload
 How to use the "beer can" grip for maximum grip and stability while loading
 How to correctly reload while holding your next magazine and quickly get back in action
 Why it's better to "man-handle" your AK rather than being too careful and cautious
About Your Instructor
EJ Owens (Legally Concealed)
EJ Owens proudly served his country for 14 years in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard, as an enlisted combat medic and a commissioned officer. EJ is a U.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combatives Instructor, a Close Quarters Battle Instructor, and was selected for Executive Protection duties for various government officials during war time.

As a private contractor for Department of Defense, he has assisted in the development of over 300 hours of various small arms trainings specifically for use by the U.S. military and for units under the direction of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) including:
     • U.S. Navy SEAL's
     • U.S. Army Special Forces
     • U.S. Army Rangers
     • U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Command
     • U.S. Air Force Pararescue

This training will get you up to speed on the most popular and dangerous gun on Earth.
Knowing how to handle an AK properly and safely does not make you untouchable, it's only a start on the path to taking ownership over your life. That’s more important than knowing next to nothing about your own weapon and letting it gather dust and failing you when you most need it.
Pick up this course today and learn how to operate and maintain your end of the world gun!
"Stay Alert and Practice Often!" 

See you on the inside!
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