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The Complete Guide To Standing Your Ground And Defending Your Loved Ones In A Home Invasion
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Video #1: How To Ascend A Stairwell
Video #3: What To Do In Your Saferoom
Preview This Course
Video #2: Types Of Criminals
Video #4: How To Answer The Door If It Is A Stranger
14 Episodes
4 Hours
EPISODE #1: Preparing Outside
EPISODE #2: Preparing The Street
EPISODE #3: Preparing Inside
EPISODE #4: How To Handle A Firearm
EPISODE #5: What To Do
EPISODE #6: Where To Go
EPISODE #7: Things To Think About To Survive
EPISODE #8: Things To Know To Survive
EPISODE #9: How-To's You Need To Know
EPISODE #10: The Interview
EPISODE #11: How To Handle A Firearm
EPISODE #12: DEA Dot Chart
EPISODE #13: Shotguns & Home Defense
EPISODE #14: What To Bring To The Range
About Your Instructor
EJ Owens proudly served his country for 14 years in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard, as an enlisted combat medic and a commissioned officer. He is a U.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combatives Instructor, a Close Quarters Battle Instructor, and was selected for Executive Protection duties for various government officials during war time.

As a private contractor for Department of Defense, he has assisted in the development of over 300 hours of various small arms trainings specifically for use by the U.S. military and for units under the direction of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) including:
     • U.S. Navy SEAL's
     • U.S. Army Special Forces
     • U.S. Army Rangers
     • U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Command
     • U.S. Air Force Pararescue

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