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Learn How To Turn Almost ANY Object Into A Lethal Weapon
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Episode #1: Categories Of Improvised Weapons
Episode #4: Projectile Weapons
Preview This Course
Episode #2: Key Concepts
6 Episodes
2 Hours
EPISODE #1: Introduction
EPISODE #2: Key Concepts
EPISODE #3: One-Handed Weapons
EPISODE #4: Projectile/Flexible Weapons
EPISODE #5: Two-Handed Weapons
EPISODE #6: Shields
About Your Instructor
     • Lead Instructor of Martial Blade Concepts & Counter-Blade Concepts
     • Co-Host of The Best Defense TV series
     • Black Belt Magazine 2010 Hall of Fame Weapons Instructor of the Year 
     • Over 40 years of martial arts training and teaching experience
     • U.S. Army veteran and former Intelligence Officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency
     • World-renowned author, instructor, and personal-defense authority
     •Accomplished edged-weapon designer (Spyderco, Masters of Defense, BlackHawk Blades, Combat Elite)

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