Add The Sheepdog Society To Your Arsenal
To Get The Most Out Of Your Live Fire Classes
What Is The Sheepdog Society...
And Why Do You Need To Join?

From: EJ Owens

Memphis Tennessee
Dear Patriot,

Welcome to the Sheepdog Society! If this is your first time here, then you’re probably wondering,




Am I right?
Let Me Show You Why Tens Of Thousands of 2nd Amendment Advocates
Are Currently Using The Sheepdog Society To Keep Their Skills Sharp Between Live Fire Classes.
But first, let me share with you a quick story that will help you to understand what the Sheepdog Society is, and more importantly, why do YOU need to join.
We all know that fire is hot, right?
But as a kid, mama would say "Don't touch the iron"
Well, why not?
Because it will burn you...
Well, you thought only fire was hot, so you touched the iron... 
...and you got burned!
Later on in life as we become adults we understand that hot can be a lot of things other than fire and hot is not what you want to touch...
It could be a hot iron, a hot engine, a hot toaster or a hot campfire...
Oh, is that fire again? Absolutely.
It all circles.
A live training class is similar to when you learned that hot can be more than just fire...
While the Sheepdog Society is where you realize and understand that true self-defense is so much more...
There are a lot of different scenarios that you may find yourself in where you would be able to utilize the knowledge that you currently have, but don't know how to apply it...
Simply because you haven't heard it talked about in that situation...
We Don't Want You To Get Burned
We want to make sure you survive and that you have the ability and information to tell others how to survive...
We are a community and we're here for each other.
And while the Sheepdog Society will help you apply the information you know, please keep in mind that...
The Sheepdog Society is not to be used as a replacement to live training.
There is absolutely nothing that can take the place of you:
 Actually putting the Whackmaster 5000 in your hands
 Pressing out and pulling the trigger
 Feeling the recoil
 Feeling the adrenaline rush
 Having your knees shake
 And then seeing the reaction on the target based on what you did to that gun to make it do what it did
However when you leave that live fire training environment, you have so much emotion and so much knowledge and desire whether it be to: 
 Enhance your gear
 To better yourself
 To know what to look for in ammunition
 Learn how your firearm works
 To improve your grip
 To improve your stance
 So on and so forth...
You know exactly what I’m talking about because I’m the same way!
See, in your training classes you're getting the skills that aid in perfecting your abilities...
But, if you’re like most gun owners, who only take 1-2 classes per year...
That time you have after live training classes, when you're full of information and energy...
...where what you've learned MUST transfer to what you comprehend in different contexts...
In order to get the most out of your live fire classes.
The Sheepdog Society will show you different ways that you can already apply information that you have...
And give you new information to take home and share with your community.
Then when you're a couple weeks out from attending a live training class, the Sheepdog Society would be a great resource for you to refresh your knowledge and:
 Go over your stances and grip techniques
 Download some drills and practice at your local static range
 Organize a gear list
To get the most out of attending that class, prepare yourself with the videos and reports inside the Sheepdog Society.
So, What Training Should You Start With?
Well, a lot of that depends on what is important today, but keep in mind you never now what you'll need tomorrow!
There are specific courses for situations like home defense, concealed carry, and gunfighting
And there are different courses for handguns, rifles and more...
We even have an essential course specifically for women shooters...
I don't care if you're a new shooter or if you've been carrying everyday for the past 20 years... you will learn something new in every course. GUARANTEED.
If you want to learn new techniques, improve on ones you're currently aware of or want a refresher on skills you've worked on before, there are lots of courses for you to take.
And the Sheepdog Society is the ONLY tool that will give you...
Everything You Need To Cost Effectively Continue Your Firearm Education Between Live Trainings!
If you've tried in the past to get high-quality mindset and tactics advice from those "experts" on YouTube...
You've probably spent more time searching for the right videos than watching them and...
In most cases, you have no way to validate the content or it's accuracy...
They could have just got home from the plumbing store and decided they wanted to shoot a gun video.
So, you won't really know if the information is correct or incorrect...
The Information On The Sheepdog Society Is Coming From Industry Leading Experts...
EJ Owens (Legally Concealed)
EJ Owens proudly served his country for 14 years in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard, as an enlisted combat medic and a commissioned officer. EJ is a U.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combatives Instructor, a Close Quarters Battle Instructor, and was selected for Executive Protection duties for various government officials during war time.

As a private contractor for Department of Defense, he has assisted in the development of over 300 hours of various small arms trainings specifically for use by the U.S. military and for units under the direction of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) including:
     • U.S. Navy SEAL's
     • U.S. Army Special Forces
     • U.S. Army Rangers
     • U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Command
     • U.S. Air Force Pararescue
Mike Seelander (Shooting Performance)
Mike Seeklander is a combat veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He served five years of active duty and four years of reserve duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he was an intelligence specialist and marksmanship instructor. He also has local and federal law enforcement experience, including more than 10 years as a full-time or lead instructor.

Mike was also responsible for the development, implementation and supervision of all firearms and tactical shoot-house instruction for the Federal Air Marshal Service in Atlantic City.
Julianna Crowder (A Girl & A Gun)
In February 2011 Julianna Crowder held her first Girl's Night Out, a casual, unintimidating event on safe shooting followed by "girl talk" at a restaurant afterwards. Using this simple format, she has brought thousands of women into shooting sports.

Julianna is a passionate speaker on women's issues as gun owners, carry and 2nd Amendment topics, action shooting sports, and firearm education and resources. She is a Certified NRA Instructor, Rangemaster Level 1, IDPA Safety Officer, and USPSA Range Officer, Certified Handgun License Instructor for the State of Texas, Texas Hunters Education Instructor, and serves on the NRA Education and Training Committee.
Dana McLendon (McLendon & Milligan Law Firm)
Dana McLendon graduated from the University of Florida in 1989 and from Vanderbilt Law School in 1993. He practices law in Franklin, TN primarily in the fields of criminal law, domestic relations and general civil litigation. 

He is a fellow 2nd Amendment advocate and in his spare time, he is a community-involved Franklin City Council member.
Are You Tired Of Leaving A Class With The Sensation And Empowerment That You Are Prepared...
Only To Have That Information And Skill Level Diminish Every Day Away From That Live Training?
In The Past, High Quality Training Was Only Available In Live Fire Classes
Just think, for most people, if they wanted to attend a class, just to get started, they need to consider:
  • The Cost of The Class...
  • Ammunition Costs...
  • Holsters...
  • Mag Carriers...
  • Travel Expenses...
  • Hotel Accommodations...
  • Replacement Gear...
  • Meals...
Right now you're ALREADY looking at a cost over $1,000 per class... but unfortunately when the class is over, you can't ask anymore questions about the techniques and skills you went over...
And getting the education you need on all the different topics makes it almost impossible to afford.
Plus, even after you complete a live training class, you need to constantly be reminded of the information covered in the class to retain it.
The Sheepdog Society is constantly giving you that information back, and more...
Want To See The Sheepdog Society In Action?
Watch This Sheepdog Society Demo NOW!
The Average Person Cannot Realistically Afford To Take Every Class They Want

And While There Is NO Replacement For Live Training
You Can Cost Effectively Continue Your Firearm Education Online Between Live Trainings With The Sheepdog Society.

The Old Way

Pay for the class, ammo, gear & accessories, travel expenses, hotel accommodations...
  • The Class ($500 For 2 Day Class)
  • Ammunition Costs ($250 for 500 Rounds)
  • Holsters ($60+)
  • Mag Carriers ($60+)
  • Bringing Replacement Gear ($600+)
  • Travel Expenses (Gas or Plane Ticket)
  • Hotel Accommodations ($200)
  • Meals ($50+)

Adding In The Sheepdog Society

Look At How You Can Benefit By Including The Sheepdog Society To Your Live Training Education:
  • Instant Access To Full Length Courses On A Variety Of Topics
  • Retaining More Information From Your Class Through Additional Resources
  • Having A Community Of Like Minded Patriots To Help You Grow As A Protector For Your Loved Ones
  • Plus A Bunch More...
Can you see why this can be so helpful for most people?
A static range is great for getting skill, perfecting that ability and improving your marksmanship, however it has rules that allow you to do x but not y. It has:
 Left & right range limits...
 Holster until I say draw commands
 Cease fire commands
In real life, the 2-way range has kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest.
There are no rules for the bad guy...
If he doesn't care about murdering you, he certainly doesn't care about the penalty for murder.
He has nothing to lose.
You on the other hand are constrained by morals & values and more importantly...
Whether It Be:
Your Job
Your Family
Your Freedom
Your Reputation
Because you have something to lose, you are less likely to act primal than the bad guy. 
When he acts the way he does, it is in a very animalistic nature and we have to be prepared to meet that response and overcome it.
We want to make sure you survive and that you have the ability and information to tell others how to survive.
To help give you an upper hand, we've included lots of tools to help you along your way.
Let Me Show You The Tools We've Created To Level The Playing Field...
Full-Length Video Courses
Select What You Want To Watch Based On Categories!
We have full-length video courses on a wide variety of topics in HD video taught by leading industry experts who provide us with the right content delivered in the in the right fashion for which would be most beneficial to you.
The Sheepdog Society is robust enough that you can learn the essentials for nearly ANY skill you are looking to improve on, yet the information is taught in a manner that is simple enough for anyone to comprehend and understand.
When you sign up today, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire Sheepdog Society Video Library.
That way you can start watching videos and continuing your education within a few minutes from now!
Here are 6 of our most popular video courses:
Tactical Home Defense
Are you ready to get into the criminal mindset to learn what makes your home an easy target and how to prepare your home so that YOU have the advantage?
Then watch our "Tactical Home Defense" course that you'll get Instant Access to inside your Sheepdog Society account today!
Everyday Carry
Do you have your CCW or are you planning on getting it soon? If so, you need to make sure you have the right gear to depend on to save your life and need to be mentally prepared under stress & duress.
No more hoping and guessing you got the right gear. This course covers all the ESSENTIAL information you need to know when you decide to carry everyday.
AR-15 Crash Course
Having an AR is great, but if you don't get the proper training and education, it won't do you any good and the gun will probably just start collecting dust.
This course will help you learn to operate, clean and maintain your AR-15 like a pro!
Unofficial Crash Course for Glock
Do you own a Glock? If so, then you'll LOVE our "Unofficial Crash Course for Glock."
It was created for people like you who want to learn how to completely disassemble and reassemble your Glock, as well as know how to look for potential issues when it's apart.
Sub-Compact Carry
Are you overwhelmed by the options available when choosing a sub-compact and not sure what is the best option for your needs?
If so, then you'll benefit from the "Sub-Compact Carry" course that will help you not only choose the right gear, but also how to draw and shoot from concealed positions.
Lethal Force Legal
Do you know what to expect will happen after you shoot someone? Even if it's self-defense you'll most likely get arrested and have to go to court.
This course teaches you everything to expect after the shot - from what to say when you call 911 all the way until the final verdict in the court room. 
You should find plenty of useful information in each of these courses, regardless of your skill level from someone who has never picked up a gun, to law enforcement, to someone who has been shooting for the past 30 years and everyone in between.
Monday Mindset
Start Your Week Off Right
Every Monday, as you're getting up, hitting that coffee and getting yourself motivated to head out for the week and do what society demands that you do...we take some time and we really focus on you and how to prepare your mind to tackle the daily events that you're going to happen to run into, from the family things to getting your mind right should you have to encounter a deadly situation.
Take a look at a couple videos in this series:
Monday Mindset Episode 007: The Element of Surprise
When facing a violent attack, what do most people do? What would you do?

The sad truth is, most people never fight back. Watch this video and learn how your counter attack could be the one thing that saves you.
Monday Mindset Episode 021: Kids and Gun Safety
In this episode EJ opens up about his own family and what he does in his very own home to ensure his children are safe around guns. When the next generation of gun owners are trained right and informed on the purpose of our guns, they will carry on the legacy of the 2nd Amendment just as it was intended.
It's all about you because once your mind is right, not only can you take care of yourself, but you can help others.
Shop Talk
Just Like When You're At The Range With Your Buddies
On Thursdays we’re gonna hit you with a video where we’re in the gun shop and we’re talking about pieces, parts, gear and all those gucci elements that you could be buying to enhance your firearm, your safety and your personal skill level. 
Take a look at a couple of the videos in this series:
Shop Talk Episode 006: Essential Medical Gear You Should Always Have With You
A medical pack is something you always need to bring with you when you go hunting. You never quite know when you'll need it. 
EJ goes over the gear he brings with him to make sure he can properly treat a wound when he needs to.
Shop Talk Episode 019: Training With Blue Guns
Blue guns are valuable tools to use at the range and when teaching students because you don't have to follow the 4 firearm rules when handling one.
Check out this video to see how you can use a blue gun to enhance your training!
As you can see, we tell you the truth, what we think, what we like, what we don’t and give you an opportunity to go in depth about gear on a real level.
Special Reports
Your Quick Reference Guides
We put together in-depth, full color PDFs that you can download and read at your leisure about specific topics that we have found that people have asked multiple questions about wanting very detailed information on.
Take a look at just some of the reports available:
Most of the time, you'll be looking for something specific in these reports. Be sure to reread them because you'll most likely find something new because you weren't focused on that and initially just wanted to get the answer you needed.
You can utilize these reports to make a good decision when you want to buy that gear or give a recommendation to your family or friends. 
Community Forum
Train On Your Own, Not By Yourself
The Sheepdog Society forum is filled with like-minded patriots who embrace self-respecting, patriotic, 2nd Amendment supporters who are hell bent on protecting themselves and their family members.
Once you become a member, share what your Everyday Carry is, just like these folks did!
These like-minded patriots are here for you to use as your personal resource, to ask questions and information, tips and tricks, and to converse and hopefully gain motivation and inspiration. 
2nd Amendment Social Network
Connect & Make Friends With Other Like-Minded Patriots
If you’re familiar with your Facebook profile or interface, we have something very similar to that where you can connect on a personal level with other members who you can share pictures, stories and really connect with your fellow Sheepdogs.
As you can see below, you can set a profile picture, cover photo and update your status:
Once you friend the Sheepdog Society, whenever a new video is posted, it will show up in your news feed:
You'll be able to like and comment posts as well!
Missionaries Of Liberty
Helping Spread The Word Of Liberty To Your Community
Knowledge is precious, knowledge is power. 
That information that you have right now combined with the information that you will have once you’re inside the Sheepdog Society needs to get out to the masses.
We want to empower you to share this information and knowledge with your friends, family, community and at your local gun range. Anywhere and everywhere.
Video Message About Missionaries of Liberty
The more people that we can bring into this community, the more people we can embrace into this community; the stronger we’ll be in preserving our liberty. 
Here Is A Gift To Help You Succeed When You Signup For The Sheepdog Society Today
The "Front Sight Fifty" Gunfighting Target
When you signup today, we're going to give you INSTANT access to our custom made PDF target called the "Front Sight Fifty." Every target has 3 separate sections for 9 total drills and is made to take 50 rounds!
In the past we've sold this target alone for $28 or more... and you'll get it for free today, just for signing up!
This target is designed to help you win a gunfight. You'll work on:
 Sight Alignment
 Trigger Pull
 Trigger Reset
 Your Draw
 Grips & More!
Aim small and miss small with the Front Sight Fifty.
Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get Today When You Join The Sheepdog Society Today!
 Sheepdog Society Video Library ($1,000/yr Value)
 Monday Mindset Series ($480/yr Value)
 Shop Talk Series ($480/yr Value)
 Front Sight Fifty Gunfighting Target ($28 Value)
 Sheepdog Society Member Community (Priceless...)
Total Value: $1,988 / Year
Get Started Today For:
So, What's The Catch...?
There is NO catch. We're going to let you have full access to the Sheepdog Society today for only $9.99 because we know that once you join the Sheepdog Society, you'll wonder how you ever prepared between live classes without it! To continue being a member of the community, you'll be billed $9.99 a month. 
Is There A Guarantee?
Of course. :) We guarantee that you'll LOVE the Sheepdog Society, and if for some reason you decide later that you don't want to be a member anymore, then we'll happily cancel your account without any penalties or fees. We don't believe in any long term contracts so you can come and go as you please.
Here's What To Do Next:
From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below, pick what subscription plan you want to be on, and we can finally get started!    
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch the training video and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Stay Alert & Practice Often!
EJ Owens
CEO Of The Sheepdog Society
 Until This Deal Is OVER!
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P.S. - Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot
...if you have more questions, ask our live chat support desk!
Do I have to pay for new courses?
What if I want a DVD of the course?
How long are your contracts?
If I have a question about the Sheepdog Society, is there someone I can talk to?
If I don't like the Sheepdog Society, how do I cancel?
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